Makeup lovers never mind spending on a good set of quality makeup brushes. However, it’s not necessary that high-end makeup brushes are better than the cheaper ones. Consumer psychology is just weird! šŸ˜› These fancy magic wands that the beauty gurus swear by, are easily available at pocket-friendly prices on various online stores. However, the quality might differ but most of them are as good as the high-end ones. There are so many affordable makeup brushes available in India.Ā I’ve made a list of different types of makeup brushes available on Amazon, that you can buy without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Puna Store Face Powder Blush Brush

This cute little brush is a must-have in your makeup brush collection. It makes application of blushes so easy. These blush brushes are also available in retractable version.

Price: 225 INR

2.Ā House of Quirk 10 pcs Premium Synthetic Makeup Brush Set

These set of 10 brushes are an absolute value for money. It hasĀ five sets of brushes for blending and another five sets of brushes for the perfect eye shadow application. The quality of bristles is very good and thus it is one of the best-selling makeup brushes on Amazon.Ā Price: 425 INR

3. Segolike 3 Pieces Mermaid Tail Face Foundation Make Up Brush Kit

Mermaid brushes are so popular among theĀ YouTubers. They not only look cool with mermaid tails and fish scales but are also versatile in use. These brushes are wide and angled for easy contouring and blending the foundation.Ā Price: 540 INR

4.Ā Zafos Real Technique Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set

Real Technique brushes are quite popular among makeup-lovers. It is much hailed because of the amazing quality and ease in using. They certainly are costly and not everyone may want to spend that amount of money. So Zafos came up with dupes of RT brushes and theyĀ are actually good and pocket-friendly too. It has superior quality bristles that do not absorb the product and give an even application.

Ā Price: 499 INRĀ 

5. Segolike 6pcs Colorful Mermaid Makeup Brushes Set

Like I’ve already said enough about mermaid brushes, here is another set of eye shadow and lip brushes that will add an ethereal charm to your vanity. These brushes look nothing less than a dream and I’d buy them at least for their dreamy look.

Price: 530 INR

6.Ā Puna Store Oval Brush Set, Black/Gold

You might have seen most of the beauty gurus using oval brushes for blending the makeup. You’ll be surprised to know that you can get them on Amazon for a throw-away price. The bristles are extremely smooth and help in achieving a flawless look.

Price: 399 INR

7.Ā 3rb – Heart Shaped Powder Makeup Brush

This heart shaped makeup brush caught my attention and so I had to include it on my list. I just love the fluffy red bristles of this brush and would love to add it to my brush collection sometime soon.
Price: 299 INR

8.Ā Zafos 5Pcs Unicorn Design Handle Shape Makeup Brushes Tools Set

Finally, a unicorn brush set for all the unicorn lovers! Looks like a makeup brush set from another world, isn’t it? šŸ™‚ You can also flaunt them without burning a hole in your pocket!

Price: 629 INR
9. Evana Silicone Makeup Brush Mat Hand Washing Tools

There is nothing more disgusting than a dirty makeup brush. Cleaning is a must if you want your makeup brushes to stay longer. Here is a siliconĀ mat that just has to be stuck to the basin to scrub off the accumulated makeup in the brushes. You can either buy a separate makeup brush cleanser or baby shampoo + olive oil does the job!
Price: 449 INR

I hope you liked the compilation! Pour in your suggestions about other affordable makeup brushes in India that I may have missed here.

Love you tonnes!