Where are my socks?

Where is my pyjama?

Where are my shoes?

Where is my mobile?

-Men in the house

It’s annoying to see the men in the house not contributing to the daily chores because they are ‘Men’. I fail to understand what on earth is stopping them from making their own rotis and washing their own clothes rather than waiting for a ‘well-trained’ (click here to know what I am talking about) female to take care of them? How does doing the laundry and cleaning their own wardrobe make them any less man? Why do our daughters and mothers slog all day to take care of children, the house, the men? When will this inequality end?

There is no cure for foolishness but there is certainly a solution to end this baseless tradition of making women accountable for every chore in the house. Ariel India’s #ShareTheLoad challenge has made the sons realize that it’s time to bring the change. They have pledged to convert every Sunday in to SUN-day and the mothers can’t be prouder and happier than this!

I have a son who is just 1.5 years old but as I told you in my previous post, he loves to help mommy. I give him little tasks like picking up dirty clothes and putting in the laundry bag. He loves the vibrating sound of the washing machines and is always curious to have a look inside and I make use of this opportunity to keep him entertained by teaching him that it’s not shameful for a boy to do the laundry.

So true! 🙁

This Sunday I took the Wardrobe Challenge wherein I made my son clean and organize the wardrobe with me. Trust me, it’s easier to give him instructions rather than a husband whose listening skills are as good as a buffalo sitting on the road.

I was away from home last Sunday and so we decided to do nani’s wardrobe which screamed for immediate attention. Have a look at this ‘naughty nati’ hastily pulling out all her grandmother’s clothes out of the wardrobe like it’s nobody’s business.

He also wanted his bag of clothes to be organized and kept along with nani’s. So he dragged this all the way to hand it over to me. We also realized that there are so many unused clothes in her wardrobe that could be donated to the needy.

This is how the wardrobe looked after the mom-son duo’s efforts. Nani is happy that her sarees are well-folded and mommy is happy that she got to teach her son some basic life skills.

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

Do you?