Hello Everyone! Today we are gonna talk about one of the best makeup products that are gonna make our life very simple and easy going. As we all know, that makeup is an essential part of women’s lives for a long now. In fact, as per a new study, 44% of women in USA won’t leave their place before applying makeup. Makeup acts like an admirer which motivates us to be more confident (Yes, it does). Foundation is a major part of our makeup as it allows the skin to be perfectly even, bright and balanced to have a perfect makeup look.

               Foundation works exactly as we understand by its name. It’s the base for every makeup looks. Every foundation is different and we need the best for ourselves so we should know about each product and their results. These are the 4 best types of makeup foundation from Clamy Cosmetics which you can select that suit best for your skin.

  1. SPF 25 Oil Free Liquid Foundation
  2. Pen Stick Foundation
  3. Loose Powder Foundation
  4. Matki Foundation

SPF 25 Oil Free Liquid Foundation:

               Clamy SPF 25 Oil Free Liquid Foundation provides your skin with a flawless coverage of a liquid foundation which is also a lightweight formula for skin. It benefits the skin with wrinkle reduction and tending to create even skin tone.

               This waterproof foundation sustains for a long time on your skin. It also allows a smooth lustre which will help you to create makeup as exactly as you want. SPF 25 Oil Free Liquid Foundation is available in 3 shades from dark to light as per India skin tone.

Pen Stick Foundation:

               Pen Stick Foundation is the innovative travel-friendly category of foundation. It is light in weight and lipstick style designed box makes it more compatible for your travel bag pack. Pen Stick Foundation excels in covering the pores.

               It has a melting formula that tends to spread the foundation evenly and easily around the skin and make it look more perfect. It benefits in avoiding the cakey nature of the foundation. There are 3 different colour variants Ivory, Sand, and Natural.

Loose Powder Foundation:

Clamy loose powder foundation is the quickest foundation. Loose Powder Foundation is the alternative which you can apply instantly anywhere at any time in no time. The ultra soft and thin layer benefits airflow on the skin. The foundation is dry and completely set you apart from other foundations. This also works as a highlighter on your cheekbones.

               The application is quite easy with sponge puff which is allotted along with the foundation. We get 4 colour variants in Loose Powder variant named Medium Deep, Light Medium, Medium, and Light.

Matki Foundation:

               Matki Foundation is a unique product from Clamy Cosmetics. Matki Foundation’s major ingredient is Olive which is considered to be great as it is an edible element for the skin. Olive’s liquid helps in nourishing and moisturizing skin. Its natural juice retains olive taste, aroma, and nutrients, with natural and balanced nutrition for your skin.

               It brightens skin with its formula and waterproof feature tends to sustain on the skin for longer than any other. You can select your preference from 3 variants which are Ivory, Neutral, and Macadamia.

So, here are all the details on the types of foundations one can easily use which comes under one umbrella. Yes, foundation plays an important part role in applying any sort of makeup. Here, I have mentioned 4 types of foundations from Clamy Cosmetics which are well-matched for different types of skin in its own way. Do share your opinions and ask questions if any in comments. Also, Keep following Raginidhiman for more.