Aroma Magic Castor Oil- Review

Hello Gujariyas!

I am here with a review on Aroma Magic Castor Oil by Blossom Kochhar. I so love Aroma Magic stuff! 🙂 I’ve used a few face wash and face packs from their range. Nothing has let me down till now and so I decided to give this castor oil a try. I was hunting for a good brand of castor oil for my hair fall problem and that’s how I happen to make this purchase. Read on to know if it really helped me with the hair fall.


What Does It Claim?


The label speaks and its speaks so well 😉 Am impressed!

My Experience With the Product

I use castor oil regularly as a part of my hair care routine because I have less volume on the crown area along with severe hair fall issues during summers. This is a thick, slightly yellow oil with not-so-pleasing fragrance. But the benefits it carries for the skin and hair makes the odor bearable. I generally mix it with a lighter oil such as coconut oil or olive oil for the ease of application as well as added benefits. Sometimes I just warm the oil and dab it on my scalp using a cotton ball and leave it overnight. It also helped me grow at least a visible browline from my barely-there brows. 😛 It is a multi-use oil and stocking up at least one bottle of this oil will never let you down during bad hair phase of life. 🙂


♥ Stops hairfall

♥ Promotes Hair growth

♥ Sturdy packaging

♥ Great quantity that lasts long

♥ Totally inexpensive

♥ Multi-purpose oil

♥ Grows healthy brows

♥ Easily available


🙁 Smell might bother some else there is no ‘con’ as such!

How Much and Where to Buy?

100INR for 100ml


Will I Repurchase This Product?

Yes! Again and again 🙂

Do I Recommend This Product?

I totally recommend Aroma Magic Castor Oil for people dealing with hair fall, dandruff or people who just want to grow luscious locks within a short span.

Beauty Tip: Oiling the hair too much can damage the hair follicles. Hence it is recommended to shampoo an hour after oiling. 

Stay Beautiful!

♥ Love you ♥


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